Start your Life in Chiang Mai; Clair’s work experiences, exercise routine and future plans.

Why Chiang Mai?

“My husband and I feel it’s a beautiful nature filled city where we can build a family; live a happy life.  Our families and friends feel comfortable to visit us because of the peaceful vibe.  We’ve had more visitors here compared to the countries I lived in before (China, Japan, & USA).  When my father retires, he and my mother will be able to move to Chiang Mai.  It’s a good environment for elderly people; they can live a peaceful life, fewer struggles than their crowded hometown of Shanghai; there is more space to relax.  They can commute easily to local shops, enjoy the mountains, and swim at their condo.  The weather is pretty good too – the weather makes you forget time here in Chiang Mai.”

Jing Jai Market – I highly recommended going to this market early Sunday morning. You can find many wonderful organic vegetables, snacks and drinks – enjoy the peaceful vibe there.


“I started learning Muay Thai for a short time when living in Shanghai; today I couldn’t be happier about the gym experience here in Chiang Mai.  The coaches here are friendly and professional, they treat you as a family member, care about you as a person.”      Fight Fit

“I feel happy and comfortable within the Zumba community, the instructors and students have a close connection, and we all support each other.  I just earned a Zumba instructor certificate; I hope to become a full time instructor in the future.  When I see all the students dance, they really release pressure from their life.  After class everyone has a happy face, feeling successful from a good workout.  The students give me good energy and encourage me to improve myself as a instructor.”

Harris Fitness Center    Vivid Dance Studios


“I teach Japanese language courses at a international school in Chiang Mai.”

“ I landed the international school teaching job because my husband introduced me to the principal. She saw my potential as a language teacher, because of me being fluent in both Mandarin and Japanese.  I had previous experience teaching music classes to kindergarten students at an international school in Shanghai.  My skill set as a language and music teacher matched up with the schools needs.”

Chiang Mai’s International Schools

“ After meeting so many nice co-workers and families at the international school I was able to start teaching private Japanese language lessons to students.  I currently teach Japanese to student’s ages 6-17 here in Chiang Mai.  For the next year I plan to balance my work life between teaching languages, Zumba and piano.”


“Having babies, raising kids, trying to become closer to the community where I live by being more involved in holistic workshops and nonprofit organizations.”

Warm Heart    Living with the Spirit

“I plan to help with our family blog by translating stories into Chinese and Japanese. In the future, I hope to feature people from the Japanese and Chinese community of Chiang Mai on our blog. “

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about the international school community, tutoring, joining a workshop, gym or Zumba class, living the condo life, and helping nonprofit organizations here in Chiang Mai.

Places I highly recommend


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