Hi, I’m Justin and in 2018 my wife Clair and I moved to Chiang Mai, Thailand to pursue a change.  The goal is to make our life and our community a healthier place. We started this blog to encourage people to pursue their dreams and leave the rat race behind. We hope readers can find inspiration from our diverse collection of stories.

Clair and I have conversations with people who are in the process of making their passions become their livelihood. You can follow each person’s unique story and learn how he or she has taken the steps to chase their purpose. Chiang Mai is at center of the dream; many people have chosen this wonderful place to share their efforts with the community around them. We will also share stories of people following their passion in cities all over the world.

Our Path to CM

Clair and I ran a fashion business in Chicago, IL (USA) for 3 years.  The demand of running a full time business mixed with Clair’s and I diverse cultural backgrounds helped give us the clarity & confidence we needed to move to Chiang Mai.

Clair is a dancer and a teacher of the Japanese language, piano and singing.  She connects with students all over Chiang Mai. Justin has been a design technology teacher for over 10 years in the US, China and Thailand.  As of January 2020, we are bloggers.