How to Create a Career as a Professional Clown – Follow Daniels passion projects and his life as a performance artist

Where Did You Grow Up?

How Did Daniels Childhood Experiences Encourage Him To Perform?
Led Zeppelin Cover Band – Barcelona, Spain
How Did Daniel Begin his Training to Become a Clown?
A Celebration of Sant Jordi in Barcelona, SpainPhilae Theatre Company
What Types of Clowns are there in the World?
What Type of Clown is Daniel?
Three Clown Performers that Inspire Daniels Work
Tricicle, the Catalonian Physical Comedy Trio
Slava Polunin, a Russian Performance Artist and Clown
Leandre Clown
Daniels Mix of Clowning Styles

Check out Daniels YouTube Channel

What Did You Learn From Participating in Clown Workshops?
The Positives and Negatives of Clowning Workshops
What is a Clown? The Teachings of Philippe Gaulier
Philippe Gaulier is French master clown and world renowned clown teacher
Shanghai Hospital – World Blood Donation Day Performance
Story Line – Man has an accident loses a lot of blood (suit deflates) Woman gives her blood to the man then her suit deflates. In the end, the blood donation cable breaks and both people deflate. They ask the audience to give their blood and help both people inflate again. “with a little help from each of us, we can save lives.”
How Do You Create a Performance?
Daniel describes his process and the importance of following the story line
Smile Show performed in Shanghai
3 Keys to a Clown Performance
Daniel Gives Advice From His Clowning Experiences
How Are Your Nerves Before a Performance?
Daniel also Discusses How to Spend Energy During a Performance
How do you collaborate with other artist for your shows?
Daniels Free Flowing Process of Sharing the Stage with Others
Collaborating With a Spanish Flamenco Guitar Player named Kike
Constellation Story – Shanghai
What Type of Person is a Clown?
“Bonny” the life-size skeleton that specializes in pirate stories and scary storytelling
What Did You Experience at Philippe Gaulire’s master class?

Daniels recommendations for two of the best clown & specialized performance trainings in the world:

Ecole International De Theatre Jacques Lecoq

Ecole Philippe Gaulier

Where are you currently living and how are your performances going?
Bangkok, Thailand – Boys Home
What are some of your favorite performances?
Daniel Describes Some of His Best Shows in Countries All Over the World
Smile Show Performed in Changchun, China
Boxing Combat Show Performed in Changchun, China
Dreams – Puppet Show
How did you begin performing for children at hospitals?

HandsOn Shanghai

How have you connected with other clowns & artists?
Max Marshall – Teaching the Arts for Life Shanghai Group
* Patch Adams
What are some challenges when performing clown shows in different countries?
Can clowning be a therapeutic experience for people?

Daniels recommendations for special clown workshops happening all over the world:

The Clown School

Alex Navarro & Caroline Dream

Escola De Clown – Online Clown Courses

What is your Dream Project?

From Daniel:

I need to mention – Clowns without Borders, they are clowns that go to places all around the world with serious problems (war, natural disasters etc) and try to give a smile to people that have lost any hope. With a smile and positive feelings you can get up and start again.

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